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The evidence of Tui Na (Chinese medicinal massage) dated back to around 2700 BC, making it the forerunner of all other forms of massage and body work that exist today – from shiatsu to osteopathy. The words ‘Tui Na’ translate into “push-grasp” in Chinese.  Physically, it is a series of pressing, tapping, and kneading with palms, fingertips, knuckles or implements that help the body to remove blockages along the body and stimulate the blood flow to promote healing – similar to principles of acupuncture and cupping.  Tui Na’s massage-like techniques range from light stroking to deep-tissue work.

Other than improving blood flow and speeding up healing process, Tui Na also helps to break down scar tissues, relax muscles and tendons, and activate lymphatic system.  It is commonly used to treat many disorders such as stiff neck, frozen shoulder, sore back, sciatica, diarrhea, constipation, low energy, headache, etc.

Acupressure is a part of Tui Na, which involves the use of the fingers to press specific acupoints on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Pressing on these points relieves muscle tension, which promotes the circulation of blood and lymph to aid in the healing process.  Because it is gentle, safe, and effective, acupressure is commonly used to treat children in cases of digestive problems, cough, common cold, etc.

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