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Passionately serving Pierce and King Counties: Covington, Maple Valley, Kent, Tacoma, Puyallup, and the beautiful Western Washington.

From Patti

Registered on 2014. 09. 18
Shirley at Acupuncture Center in Covington changed my life.  After several months of limited mobility due to severe inflammation from degenerative disc disease I was at a very low point. Western doctors could do very little to help but give me pain medication.  My job requires frequent travel and I was unable to take any business trips due to my inability to stand or walk for even short periods of time.  

At this point a friend recommended I look at Eastern alternatives and I made an appointment at Acupuncture Center.  Right away I knew that Shirley was very caring and concerned about my welfare.  She took my pulse and right away without even knowing me was able to list many of the issues that I was having.  At that point she asked to see all of my medical reports and blood workups so she could have a full picture.  She immediately told me I needed to reduce my sugar intake in order to lose weight and get the inflammation down in my body. She provided herbs especially tailored for me and my specific needs.  We set up weekly herb counseling and progressively I started to lose weight, reduce the inflammation and walk further without pain.

After three months not only did I lose 30 pounds but I was able to resume my work travel schedule. When I went to my primary care doctor for a blood check and was told that my cholesterol which had been at a very high 280 was now down to 180 it was an added plus.  Another surprising benefit was that after 25 years of being hypothyroid and taking medication my thyroid levels were turning around and my doctor has started to reduce my thyroid medicine.

I am very grateful to Shirley and the Acupuncture Center and now recommend them to my family and friends.


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From J. W.

My body could not endure the side effects of Conventional Medicine. So I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and this has been a wonderful experience. I feel so much better since receiv...
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From Anna P.

I so much appreciate your concern and help to Kay. Many Thanks Anna P.
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From S. G.

I have gotten more pain relief out of 5 months of Chinese Medicine than 50 years of pain relievers. I wish I had tried it years ago - but then I would not have met Ed & Shirley and they...
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From Sherry B.

I truly enjoy Shirley and Ed at the Acupuncture Center. They take the time to listen and I never feel rushed. They are attentive to listening to your body's imbalances and listening to feedback ...
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From Patti

Shirley at Acupuncture Center in Covington changed my life.  After several months of limited mobility due to severe inflammation from degenerative disc disease I was at a very low point. Western do...
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From D. C. image

Patient is an adamant runner and had sprained her left ankle while running on 5/03/2014. The first picture is taken 1 day after injury (5/04/2014). Patient has swelling and bruising in the left gene...
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From S. G.

"Shirley and Ed are well-trained, very professional, and two of the nicest people you will ever meet. They genuinely want to help people improve their health. Shirley has been treating me for in...
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From S. V.

"I was a little skeptical of acupuncture before I came here and met Shirley. I had a hard time believing that being poked with tiny needles could help with joint/muscle aches, let alone help with al...
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From Susan & Rick

"You are the best! Thank you for helping us in our quest to health." - Susan & Rick
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